Noisy Garage Doors

Garage Door Noise  is one of the most common noise problems and one of the easiest to fix!

noisy garage doors

What's The Cause?

Many home owners are plagued by noisy garage doors. Garage door noise is a perfect example of structural noise transference. In split level homes where the master bedroom is often directly above the garage, the problem is even worse! So what is happening? Typically, the main mechanical components of the door, the motor and rails, are connected directly to the joists and studs. The mechanical vibration is then easily transferred to other parts of the house. As these components wear over time, the problem worsens.

What's The Solution?

The first thing to do when confronted with a noisy garage door is to inspect all of the mechanical components. Check for any excessive vibration or movement of the motor housing and rails. Make sure that the rails and rollers are free of dirt and are greased properly per manufacturer's instructions. If any components appear loose or worn, contact your local garage door specialist for repair. Garage door springs store a massive amount of energy and should only be inspected and repaired by a professional!

If your garage door is in good operating condition and you are still experience structural noise getting into other parts of the house, you need to isolate the motor and rails utilizing sound isolation clips. This method decouples the components from the joists and studs, disrupting the sound path. Garage Door Silencer Kits are inexpensive and easy for the average homeowner to install. Instead of the motor and rails being bolted directly to the joists and studs, the isolators are installed in between with standard bolts, nuts, and washers.


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