Noisy Pipes

Noisy pipes and conduit in the home and workplace is a common problem that can be solved!

Noisy Pipes

Noisy Pipes ? So What's Going On?

Noisy pipes are often overlooked, even in new home construction. Drain pipes in particular became a problem when heavy cast iron began being replaced with lightweight PVC. This allows sound to easily pass through the walls of the pipe. This usually results in the embarrassing sound of the toilet flushing that can be heard in other areas of the house.

Noisy Pipes In Industry Raise Overall Sound Levels

In industrial environments, pipes and conduit can transfer noise and vibration from machinery into the surrounding building structures. Pipes carrying compressed gasses and liquids can leak noise through the pipe walls increasing overall noise levels in the work space. Properly isolating noise and vibration from pipes and conduit can have a dramatic effect on lowering sound levels. This is particularly important when trying to comply with OSHA requirements for noise exposure.

Noisy Pipes & The Environment

In industrial areas such as factories and gas compressor stations, environmental noise can become an issue when it intrudes on surrounding residential neighborhoods. This can cause adverse affects on the health and lifestyle of the population.

What's The Solution?

Noisy pipes and conduit can be quieted by wrapping them with an acoustic composite material that both blocks and absorbs sound. Noise control products that combine both absorption and blocking properties are always the most effective solution. In residential applications, when access to pipes is unpractical, adding mass to walls with additional layers of drywall and mass loaded vinyl is an effective solution.

When pipes and conduit are transferring vibration, it is necessary to isolate them from any hard connections to the surrounding building materials. This can be done through the use of isolation clips and hangers that decouple the pipes. These are typically constructed with energy absorbing materials such as springs, rubber, and neoprene.



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